What we do

MEASURE - the first step towards improved devices and equipment for the use in the environment of human movement is to measure. Measure in order to explore the invisible … We are providing measurement equipment and measurement services under lab and field conditions. With the wide range from subjective evaluations, biomechanical measurements and mechanical testing we find the perfect set of methods to find the answers to your questions.

ANALYSE - after collecting real-life data the second challenge is to carefully examine the results to identify causes, dependencies, key factors, load spectra, etc. We find the essence out of large quantity of measurement data for you. We assist you by setting up test protocols, performing or supervising the test procedures, managing secure data transfer and storage and statistically processing the data to boil down piles of numbers to the key indicators of your interest.

CREATE - No matter if integrated circuit or mechanical simulation setup, if prototypes made of metal or polymers, if mobile apps or standard test protocols: we and our partners help you create your application, devices and equipment. We are eager to learn about your ideas and assist you in making them reality!